Russ applies the interesting lessons learned while training for a triathlon or for Ironman in his work and in his design profession, and generally in life as well. His work as a designer requires preparation, organization. optimization, optimal optimization, determination, perseverance just as the training process for a triathlon requires. This is how he is able to balance his life as a designer and a sportsperson. Russ Bevans is an Industrial designer at Nike.

He is not only a design enthusiast but also an endurance coach. He is actually a sportsperson who has won accolades at the national level…

Who is Akshatha Shetty? The woman behind the aura..

A mother, entrepreneur, a financial expert on a mission to create impactful investment. That’s Akshatha Shetty in a nutshell. But prod her on who she really is, and she takes us back to her roots — an upbringing in the southern Indian city of Bengaluru and, the business capital of India, Mumbai. She attributes her spirit to her entrepreneurial Bunt community. But by her own admission, she found herself not toeing the conservative line presented by her family. Instead, Shetty found herself in the US at the age of 21. And she’s been scaling heights ever since.

Now, a naturalized…

Blazing a path for women in tech

One of the first things that strike you about Ranjeeta Singh, is her endearing and authentic demeanor. She describes herself as a person with high integrity and that’s what you see right from the get-go. And that probably plays a key role in how she approaches product management for the Agriculture sector as Chief Product Officer (CPO) at Climate Corporation where she drives Product Strategy and Roadmap for Digital Farming.

YouTube version of the podcast with Ranjeeta Singh

Her journey to enabling and empowering farmers with tech has been a long winding one filled with remarkable milestones. She grew up…

Meet Srilakshmi Reddy the next-gen education leader and visionary who is going about brick by brick meticulously bringing life and meaning back into learning and development skills in India at Keystone International School.

“When I did my market research I was immune to the words — this can’t be done! I simply could not accept the word “No”. I was working until the last day of my pregnancy because I dint want my team to feel small in front of the challenges life threw at them

At the end of the day in the education business which is a long-term…

Highlights from the ground on the dire Covid-19 situation in India

The second wave of the Covid pandemic has hit India brutally. In a conversation, Dr. Priyanjali Datta and Dr. Dhruv Kacker of Aaroogya Foundation, shared the ground realities.

Aaroogya Foundation founded by Dr. Datta and Dr. Kacker, is a health care non-profit working in the field of cancer detection and serves underprivileged communities in India and Uganda. When the pandemic set foot in India, they had to pivot and create another vertical to address the burgeoning Covid-19 cases with a dedicated task-force.

One year on, and in the midst…

The FalconX Founder’s Workshop was more than just a six-day immersive, transformational, and hands-on experience for founders! It captured problem-solving sessions from silicon valley veterans on real-life founder issues. This blog showcases the top highlights from the workshop hosted by BV Jagadeesh (BV), and his upcoming book which will capture these experiences and candid revelations of a founder’s dilemmas alongside their in-depth resolutions from BV during discussions with silicon valley and cross-border founders, investors, and experts.

Founder1- workshop attendee: “As a startup company, how do you seek out prominent members of the industry, to get them to help you…

Sudhir Kadam, silicon valley investor guides founders on how corporations can work with startups for a win-win partnership

This is part-2 of the podcast with Sudhir Kadam. You can take a look at part-1 of the podcast here. Sudhir is an investor, seasoned entrepreneur, and silicon valley corporate executive and academic. He talks about avenues to enable corporate-startup engagement which is crucial to startups for planning their exit or acquisition strategy.

Sudhir Kadam 20:57

Innovation Scouts

Talking about corporate-startup engagement, this is one of the areas where I play. There are over a dozen ways to facilitate this engagement.

Innovation Scouting

Before covered, they were about 220 you know, Asian scouts working for various corporate organizations like Hilti, Audi mirrors Telefonica actively in Silicon…

Seasoned Silicon Valley investor Sudhir Kadam shares survival tips for startup founders

Sudhir Kadam@Fyda Growth Partners shares his insights on product-market fit, self-disruption and pivot strategy during and post-COVID in this podcast

Link to the podcast with Sudhir Kadam

SoundCloud podcast: 10X Hacks for Startup and Venture Success


A podcast with Sanjit Dang, a seasoned Silicon Valley investor who has spanned corporate venture capital and successfully had one successful exit per year.

Business success requires business preparation. You don’t have to be a master tactician, but you do need to have a plan in place. This plan will act as a foundation for everything you want to achieve.― Alejandro Cremades, The Art of Startup Fundraising

This is the fourth blog in the blog series about entrepreneurship by BV Jagadeesh, a seasoned silicon valley megapreneur-investor on the founding (part-1), building(part-2), scaling(part-4) and funding (part-4) a company. This blog series on entrepreneurship covers:

  1. Part 1: “Founding” a company that succeeds (Part 1) — Your 10-step filter to picking the right startup idea
  2. Part 2…

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