An Entrepreneur’s First Mile: Addressing Needs of Cross-border Founders — A Book by BV Jagadeesh

Vida Vidyangi Patil
11 min readOct 29, 2020

The FalconX Founder’s Workshop was more than just a six-day immersive, transformational, and hands-on experience for founders! It captured problem-solving sessions from silicon valley veterans on real-life founder issues. This blog showcases the top highlights from the workshop hosted by BV Jagadeesh (BV), and his upcoming book which will capture these experiences and candid revelations of a founder’s dilemmas alongside their in-depth resolutions from BV during discussions with silicon valley and cross-border founders, investors, and experts.

Founder1- workshop attendee: “As a startup company, how do you seek out prominent members of the industry, to get them to help you even if you’re not able to pay them a great salary? How do you inspire them to help your startup out in certain roles?”, was a question voiced at the FalconX T-Hub Founder’s Transformational Workshop.

I listened in complete rapture, as to me this was my very first experience attending a founder’s workshop, and no other experience I have had with entrepreneurship curriculum or innovation boot camps had ever come close to this. I watched a veteran silicon valley expert diffusing a founder’s problem, live from his study. Funneling his insights of over three decades into a few moments of wisdom, the workshop’s host BV Jagadeesh (BV), silicon valley’s cherished mentor-angel investor-serial entrepreneur working with several enterprises across the globe answered:

“As an entrepreneur, you’re different compared to other employers. So you need to have this vision, which is very attractive and compelling and that is how entrepreneurs actually attract great people to come and join their companies.” — BV

BV: “Money is not the driving factor here. As a matter of fact, most employees, especially those who work for these big companies are really tired of just doing something very narrow. A lot of people want to experience that excitement of an early-stage startup. In the beginning…