Podcast#14 [P1]: Startup self-disruption, liquidation, pivot, and more during and post-COVID …

Seasoned Silicon Valley investor Sudhir Kadam shares survival tips for startup founders

Vida Vidyangi Patil


Sudhir Kadam@Fyda Growth Partners shares his insights on product-market fit, self-disruption and pivot strategy during and post-COVID in this podcast

Link to the podcast with Sudhir Kadam

Sudhir Kadam in a talk at UC Berkeley campus in SF to aspiring entrepreneurs organized by #PitchGlobal, followed by pitching by hand-picked startups.

This blog showcases a podcast with Sudhir Kadam who carries a wealth of expertise in the startup and innovation landscape as an investor, seasoned entrepreneur, and silicon valley corporate executive and academic. In the first part of this podcast, he shares invaluable insights on how to re-evaluate product-market fit for during, and post-COVID scenarios, specific guidelines on investment rounds during COVID, evaluating cyclic and seasonal technology and business trends to assess your investments. Sudhir also enlightens startup founders on how to self-disrupt a business during COVID-like black swan situations and a lot more specific insights to first-time founders and entrepreneurs on how to systematically assess areas of changes or improvements in your business models during a pandemic.

Transcript of the podcast

Vida Patil 0:01
Hello and welcome to another episode of 10X hacks for startups and venture success. This is your host, Vida Patil. And I’m very excited to introduce our guest Sudhir Kadam. He is an alumnus of Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur, and also a seasoned Silicon Valley investor, a C-level executive, corporate savvy, and, most importantly, he’s contributing to the academia, industry, and the venture ecosystem, not only in India but in cross border…