Podcast [part-2]: How to Drive Coporate-startup Engagements?

Sudhir Kadam, silicon valley investor guides founders on how corporations can work with startups for a win-win partnership

Vida Vidyangi Patil


This is part-2 of the podcast with Sudhir Kadam. You can take a look at part-1 of the podcast here. Sudhir is an investor, seasoned entrepreneur, and silicon valley corporate executive and academic. He talks about avenues to enable corporate-startup engagement which is crucial to startups for planning their exit or acquisition strategy.

Sudhir Kadam 20:57

Innovation Scouts

Talking about corporate-startup engagement, this is one of the areas where I play. There are over a dozen ways to facilitate this engagement.

Innovation Scouting

Before covered, they were about 220 you know, Asian scouts working for various corporate organizations like Hilti, Audi mirrors Telefonica actively in Silicon Valley

Source: “What is innovation scouting?


You may need to understand the corporate objectives for this startup engagement. So, venturing will also depend on the corporate objectives. Sometimes the corporations want to rejuvenate their culture. They want to bring this entrepreneurial mindset, startup thinking, and agile thinking into their ecosystem. In a corporate culture creating incubators, excubators, and resource sharing with the startups is the way to go.

Hackathons and Challenges

If they’re trying to create a platform for engagement, then events like hackathon challenges or a scouting mission or building accelerators are the right approach. If you’re looking to innovate in your current or adjacent markets, then obviously strategic partnerships with startups…