Ranjeeta Singh, Top 50 under 50 Most Powerful Women in Technology— effecting change

Blazing a path for women in tech

Vida Vidyangi Patil


One of the first things that strike you about Ranjeeta Singh, is her endearing and authentic demeanor. She describes herself as a person with high integrity and that’s what you see right from the get-go. And that probably plays a key role in how she approaches product management for the Agriculture sector as Chief Product Officer (CPO) at Climate Corporation where she drives Product Strategy and Roadmap for Digital Farming.

Her journey to enabling and empowering farmers with tech has been a long winding one filled with remarkable milestones. She grew up in Bokaro Steel City. With a degree in Masters in Computer Science and an MBA, she began her career in Wipro, spent 18 years in Intel followed by a stint at Teradata as VP and GM of Data Science and Artificial Intelligence (AI).

“AI found me,” she says. This particular tech seems to have been her guiding force. “Tech has permeated all aspects of our life. But how do we leverage it to make a difference? Agriculture affects everybody on the planet. Production of food in an efficient way is of utmost importance to life. This is what made her jump into Agtech domain.”

The Product Manager is the CEO of the Product. In fact, the Product Manager is an integral gene of the organization. So how does one switch domains and make it work? Singh breaks it down into key attributes — understanding customers, innovativeness, subject matter expertise, outstanding communication, strong research skills, financial & business acumen, and strategic thinking.

But the most essential attribute, she emphasizes, is conviction. This, Singh says, is something that is picked up over the…