REDX Spot: A Process for Building Innovative Horizontals That Empower Bold Solutions

  1. A Boeing employee talks about REDX
  2. REDX framework used in assistive tech
  3. REDX framework is used in training student innovators in health tech
  4. Pop-up city and stampede noise management using REDX
  5. UN sustainable development goals in women’s health accomplished using REDX practices
  6. Engineering and technology institutions deploy REDX framework to train student innovators in tackling community challenges



The REDX Spot Process in a Nutshell

Chart 1. REDX Spot process

Conducting the Spot Process

1. Picking a Grand Opportunity

Chart 2. Process of Picking a Grand Opportunity

2. Defining Domains for Grand Opportunities

Chart 3. Examples of Grand Opportunity Domains

3. Topics Qualifying as Grand Opportunities

Chart 4. Examples of Grand Opportunity Topics

1. Shortlisting One Grand Opportunity

Chart 5. Example of Grand Opportunities

2. Analyzing the Grand Opportunity

Chart 6. Process of Investigating the Grand Opportunity
  1. The Resource mapping: Grand opportunity investigation starts with analyzing the different resources and stakeholders that are related to the opportunity. It involves an initial study of the opportunity.
  2. The Problem Canvas is a tool for mapping the problems with available techniques and technologies to help discover known or unknown relationships that exist. Problems are derived from the grand opportunity and present co-existing challenges. Techniques and technologies are chosen from emerging and novel technologies in an effort to foster innovation.
  3. The Solution Canvas is a guide for determining, among all the listed solutions, which one can create the most impact and value.
  4. Finally, the Findings Plot is a graphical representation of the options combined and graded for efficiency. This, in turn, will indicate the level of impact and efficiency of the finalized option.

3. Plotting the Resource Map

  • List organizations, companies, startups, government organizations, and other partners that are related to the grand opportunity.
  • Identify the main people (stakeholders, customers, and interest groups) and the venture capitalists (VCs) related to the opportunity.
  • Locate the type of data, information, and other published material available for the chosen grand opportunity.
  • Think about the breakthroughs that can emerge from the opportunity by investigating current and future trends.
  • What are the main payoffs, results, and benefits from the opportunity?
  • What is the measurable impact?
  • How do regulation, biases, and other frictional forces influence the opportunity?
  • What are the possible financial risks?
  • What are the execution risks and limiting factors (time, distance, and lack of existing infrastructure)?
  • Who are the potential users who benefit from this opportunity?
  • What are the existing use cases?
  • Who might pay for the solution? Who might be sponsors?
  • If possible, speak with experts to get a clearer understanding of the opportunity.

Creating interrelationship diagrams using brainswarming

Chart 7. Example on Plotting the Resource Map

Creating a Problem Canvas

Filling in the Problem Canvas involves three steps:

Chart 8. Example of Creating a Problem Canvas

Takeaways from the Solution Canvas

Chart 9. Example of a Solution Canvas

Using a Findings Plot

Chart 10. Example of Composing a Findings Plot

3. Summarizing the Findings

Chart 11. Process of Summarizing the Findings




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Vida Vidyangi Patil

Vida Vidyangi Patil

Book Author, Lifestyle, Exponential entrepreneurship

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