Sanjit Dang on one successful exit per year, Venture-As-A Service, going to the basics during COVID and more..

Vida Vidyangi Patil
24 min readAug 2, 2020

A podcast with Sanjit Dang, a seasoned Silicon Valley investor who has spanned corporate venture capital and successfully had one successful exit per year.


From Mike Tyson moment for startups to how wearing “Failure as a badge” is the Silicon Valley way, to why a venture capitalist will fund you if you go to him for advice and advice you if you ask him for funds, many more such exciting insights for COVID times!

The podcast covers Sanjit’s innovative ideas on tapping into upcoming industry trends, and helping corporations work with upcoming startups at his very own U First Capital which uses the Venture-As-A-Service model. He has been an advisor, mentor, and innovation catalyzer all the way from Richard Branson’s team to the United Nations and Intel Capital.

He brings great courage and deep insights to founders during COVID and shares incredibly actionable tips to founders on approaching investors.

Sanjit Dang opening the podcast on — One successful exit per year

Vida 0:02
Hello and welcome to another episode of 10X hacks for startup innovation and venture success. I’m your host Vida Patil and I’m here today with none other than Sanji Dang. He is one of the more successful venture capitalists in Silicon Valley, also a corporate executive, board member, speaker, and writer, basically, a multifaceted high achiever. And some of the things which really captured me about Sanjiv’s experience are him being an advisor to Richard Branson on Extreme Tech Challenge his association with Google Launchpad is also…